daisha mcrbride: social media success

By: Tarrisha Hicks

Social Media can be a hard thing to hack. Some people work over time just to come up short in followers and likes. But then there are those social media sensations that are able to bask in the success that the digital medium has provided as a platform. 

So what's the secret? Is it more hash tags and follow trains? Dasia McBride, better known as the Rap Girl, seems to have figured it out. Dasia McBride appears to be just an ordinary girl, but she's furthest from anything ordinary. She's a gifted lyricist with poetic rhymes. Not to mention she has over 33k instagram followers and one of her biggest inspirations, Missy Elliot, just so happens to be one of those followers. She's a student by day and "rap girl" by night. We caught up with the social media star in The N.O.I.S.E. studio.  We discussed her latest project Journey and other future endeavors. 



TN: How did you come up with the name Rap Girl?

DM: It's kinda like a nick name. We went to a really big high school and kids knew each other but they knew each other for what they did. I was always freestyling at the lunch tables, you know rapping during class, so everybody was like “Aye that's that girl that raps” but didn't know my name. As a joke I made it my twitter name. Then my videos started to go viral and it was kinda too late to change it so I just kept it.

TN: When were you first introduced to music?

DM: Ever since I was young, I grew up in church so I sung in the choir... I played the violin and a little bit of piano and I'm trying to learn guitar so I kinda picked it up on my own.

TN: What made you want to go to MTSU?

DM: I didn't want to go to college but my parents kinda made me. I wanted to work on music but they were willing to bargain with me. I didn't know music could be a major and then I came here and did the tour and saw the recording studios and I was sold.



TN: What do you feel MTSU has prepared you for?

DM: I feel like I'm more aware of how the industry works, like more behind the scenes.

TN: Would you encourage other people to go to school first?

DM: I feel like everyone has a different path. At first I wasn't happy that I had to go here, but now I'm happy. I feel like people respect you more when they know that you're still doing this and you're trying to get a degree too... But I think it's beneficial but it's not for everybody.

TN: How do you handle networking?

DM: A lot of my networking that has happened for me has been through my social media, a lot of people reach about different stuff. That's one thing I'm grateful for, because I got the big social media presence I was invited to all these big social media conferences and that's where I met some of my best friends like, @jayversace.


Photos by: Leah Walton

TN: How do you handle success?

DM: I feel like I'll be o.k. I'm really nice. When I go out sometimes I get recognized, but I'm very chill because I don't feel like I'm just famous. I'm still here at MTSU like everybody else.

TN: Who do you dream of working with?

DM: Nicki Minaj. Think about it, Nicki has never done a song with another female rapper. If Nicki was like yo you're dope enough for me to get on a song with you, I feel like that's a big deal. But there's so many people... Kehlani, I love her so much and Missy Elliot. She followed me in September after the "So Gone" challenge popped off. I did a line about Missy and then I tweeted it and tagged her in it. Five minuets later she followed me. She's one of my favorite people ever.

TN: How would you characterize your style?

DM: I'm still trying to figure that out. I'm still not sure. A lot of people are like you need to brand yourself in the right way. But it'll probably come to life in the next couple of months.

TN: Do you want to branch out with something different with your music?

DM: I'm not sure. I love country and pop music so I can see myself doing something like that. I can rap to any beat.

To keep up with Dasia make sure you follow her on instagram: @the_rapgirl